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Animal Person in the New York Times

My letter to the Sports Editor of the New York Times was in Sunday’s (5/28/06) paper in the IN-BOX. It’s also available online. Net message? Perhaps the word “sport” needs redefining, as the competitors in horse and dog racing do…

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Barbara part trois

Man, people are stepping all over themselves saying that Barbaro’s owners are giving him medical care because they love him, and if he doesn’t make them another dime, they don’t care. I’m not surprised because a) I’m sure they do…

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Barbaro part deux

I just want to be clear about why so much effort (and money) is being expended to save Barbaro: Because he might be able to make his owners some more cash by sending him to stud. This country needs to…

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Barbaro made me do it

I am starting this blog, much earlier than I had planned, because of Barbaro. It’s tragic that he hurt his gorgoeus self, and it’s wonderful that his investors are willing to continue to invest in him by paying for his…

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