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Please Share “Silencing the Lambs”

Thanks, once again, to James LaVeck and Jenny Stein of Tribe of Heart for kindly and carefully bringing attention to what should be a stunningly-obvious moment of hypocrisy by groups that exist to advocate for and save animals. I understand…

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Diabetes and Vetsulin Recap

I somehow became the non-vet, go-to person regarding dogs and diabetes, I suppose due to my frequent blogging about Violet Rays (left), my greyhound who has been through diabetes, blindness (then cataract replacement), glaucoma and retina detachment. As you may…

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On Compassionate Bullets

A comment left yesterday on a two-year old post, by None Please presented a phrase I’ve never heard before and I’d like to address it. “In the Washington metro area, we have a BIG deer problem. I have a question…

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On Nonhuman Animals and Human Babies

Surprise! On Friday, June 25, I received a call from an attorney who said a little girl was born the evening prior, her adoption fell through and she needed a family. And on Sunday, June 27, we brought her home!…

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