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Animal Person and ALF

Since my post of June 12 entitled, Is the ALF a Gray Matter? I’ve received several e-mails from pro-ALF individuals desiring to educate me further.

Allow me to clarify my position.

My objection is not to the breaking of the law. (See yesterday’s post for examples of laws made to protect abusers of animals. It’s tough to have respect for laws like that.) My objection is to the type of energy involved in intimidation and property destruction. When you act like the enemy, you become the enemy. By venturing into eye for an eye territory, you lower yourself to the level of the abuser. If there were an ALF-equivalent combatting the evils of the Ku Klux Klan, I’d feel the same way.

The only way we are going to change the way nonhuman animals are treated is to revolutionize the entire system we are all part of. If ending the human reign of terror against animals is important to you:

  • Boycott, and don’t forget to include your investments
  • Learn about local and national laws that need changing, then work to change them
  • Be a conscious consumer (buy only cruelty-free products)
  • Work your way toward veganism
  • Buy a ton of shares of a company that tests a lot on animals, and become a shareholder activist: work as an investor to change the companies policies
  • Teach your children compassion toward animals

And, above all, in all your interactions, Be Kind. Be especially kind to those who disagree with you, as an open heart opens the hearts, eyes, ears, and minds of others.

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