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Animal Person in the Palm Beach Post

I just realized a letter of mine was in the Palm Beach Post on Tuesday (June 27). It was similar to my entry of June 18 (Good Intentions Gone Bad).

Here are the facts:

  • Muscovy ducks are adorable sweet creatures (see photo of Mr. New Guy below)
  • They live near lakes and canals
  • We have thousands of lakes and canals
  • We have tens of thousands of Muscovy ducks

Here’s the problem:

  • Some people love the ducks, and feed them
  • Some people hate the ducks, and want to kill them

Let’s do the logic:

  • If you feed them
  • Then they come around more often, and in droves/flocks

The consequence? As their numbers increase, the anger of the people who hate them increases, thereby increasing the danger to the ducks.

The moral? Don’t feed wildlife. Admire from a distance. The more tame animals become, the greater the threat to their safety.


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