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Are Your Congresspeople Friends of Animals?

Mid-term elections are quickly approaching, and it’s up to each individual to make sure their voice is heard by participating in our representative democracy. In other words–VOTE.

Corporate America counts on low voter turnout, because it’s less of a hassle for them when people aren’t invested enough in their communities to wildly inconvenience themselves by going down the block and spending 20 minutes voting, once every couple of years.

Do you know who is up for re-election? Do you know who is running against them? Is either candidate particularly animal friendly? Particularly animal unfriendly (can you say WYOMING)? Is there any animal-related legislation on the ballot?

You can educate yourself about who’s running and who you might want to support at Humane USA, and you can check up on your legislators and how they voted on animal-related issues on the Humane Scorecard_2005

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