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Atlanta Falcons in the (Bad) News Again

I’ve recently admitted to knowing close to nothing about sports that involve people (I probably know too much about the "sports" involving nonhuman animals). But I do know that Michael Vick plays for the Atlanta Falcons, which I just learned is a football team.

Recently, while officials were conducting a drug investigation on Vick’s property in Virginia (they weren’t suspecting Vick, but someone who lives at his house), they discovered "one of the biggest dog fighting cases they have ever seen." Here are some of the details:

  • 70 dogs were on the premises.
  • "30 [were] . . . tethered to heavy logging chains attached to car axles buried in the ground.  Equipment used to train fighting dogs was found on the property, including treadmills, chains, whips and injectable drugs."
  • A "rape stand," to which females are tethered so males can easily  . . . "access" them (that’s what the article says . . . "access").
  • No food, water, or veterinary care for the animals.
  • 60 of the dogs were pit bulls.
  • Many were malnourished.
  • Some had injuries and scars.

Say what you want about PETA, but I think their sample letter to Arthur Blank, CEO of the Falcons, is a fine one (also check out the initial press release, which includes PETAs letter to Blank and some backstory regarding another of Blank’s players, who fatally beat one of his girlfriend’s dogs earlier this year). In fact, though PETA does conduct some outrageous stunts and engages in sexist campaigns, their letters and sample letters (which you really should customize, maintaining the tone) are usually very well-written, respectful, and informative. They always request action that is appropriate for what they’re trying to achieve. (Whether I agree with what they’re trying to achieve is another story entirely.)

Go to the above links, read all the news stories, watch the news segments, check out what PETA and the Humane Society of the United States have to say, and then send a message to Arthur Blank at:

Arthur Blank, CEO
Atlanta Falcons
4400 Falcon Pkwy.
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

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