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Check Out “Field Trip” and Chime In

Karol Orzechowskiof Animal Voices (who interviewed yours truly back in July!) created the following film for your viewing, um . . . for your viewing.

I don't want to comment right now except to say that there are no graphic images of suffering similar to those in, say, Earthlings. However, for me, the images are in a way just as powerful because they demonstrate that use is abuse.

But that's me.

Then there's the issue of the indoctrination of children. But I did say I wasn't going to comment now.

field trip from karol orzechowski on Vimeo.

The site for the film is here, and includes thought-provoking photos, as well.

Chime in with your thoughts about "Field Trip."

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  1. Olivia #

    I think my jaw remained slack — as in mouth wide open — the entire 12+ minutes.

    Don't know who I feel more sorry for: the enslaved animals, the indoctrinated teachers and children, or the brainwashed farmers and their spokeswoman.

    All those machines hooked up to the cows — the tubes and pumps and gauges — looked like the machinations of evil.

    I'm wondering why the "benefits" of a product that has been around forever — cow's milk — need to be "talked up" ad nauseum. Sounds like industry is trying to convince itself that its lies are the truth. Running scared?

    The children's education was incomplete. Left out were:
    ~ the baby calves being ripped from their mothers, with the sound of both of them bawling for one another
    ~ the final destination of each cow, sheep and goat who the children gazed at and reached out to gently pat. (Why didn't they pat the pumps, while they were at it? Why did they acknowledge that the animals are more than machines — that they have feelings and respond to love?)

    Quite the study in how hypocrisy is passed from generation to generation.

    Every child should be made to read Marjorie Spiegel's "The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery." Every single movement (or inability to move) of those animals were controlled by their "superiors." (Oh, really, the tie-down method is what we use because the cows like to be close together in a herd?)

    OK, I need to close my mouth now. My jaw is getting tired.

    December 16, 2009
  2. How sad that these children are only being told half the story.

    There's dozens of dairy tourn here in the US as well – the biggest houses 30,000 cows. They even have scheduled demonstrations in the "live birthing barn". From what I know these cows are induced to labor – The show must go on, and all that…

    I can't help but think though as I watch the crowds of kids – The smart ones, the independent thinkers and those with genuine curiosity will eventually figure out the insanity and injustice of it all… What is it that they say? The "cream rises to the top"?

    December 16, 2009
  3. John #

    I see it as…"hey kids, how about a field trip to your local concentration camp?" Very sad. I know what you mean Mary. Not as "graphic" like Earthlings or other video clips out there but the images of all the machinery and forced containment(suffering) is chilling.

    December 16, 2009

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