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Check Out This Abolitionist Organization

The moment I went public with my development of a small abolitionist brochure, I received seven–SEVEN–e-mails from people saying they are doing the same thing (several of which were from abolitionist organizations that I didn’t know existed).

Here’s one you may not know of (I didn’t until very recently)–Responsible Policies for Animals, which states

RPA is an abolitionist organization: It works to end all forms of animal exploitation and abuse. These include the breeding of animals by human beings for any purpose; the destruction of animals for alleged conservation or pest control purposes; and all other human uses and abuses of animals, alleged human benefits notwithstanding. For every human use or abuse of animals, better practices are available that meet human needs without harming animals.

RPA’s mission (#1 on the About page) is to:

[explain] to those in a position to influence others how they can protect nonhuman animals and prevent animal suffering. Human enterprise developed almost entirely without responsible policies for animals. Naturally, since animals live legitimate lives, have their own needs, and can suffer, responsibility includes taking account of our effects on them in addition to meeting obligations to people and society. With today’s technologies, people constantly affect animals for the better or for the worse. RPA works to ensure that businesses, organizations, agencies, and influential individuals will establish and adhere to responsible policies for animals so that others will follow.

There are some great resources on the site, my favorite being RPA Factsheet #5, "Human Causes of "Too Many Deer:" What Decision-Makers and Residents Should Know About Organized Deer Kills"

Perhaps the most audacious of RPA’s campaigns is called "10,000 Years is Enough: Time to Stop Teaching Animal Agribusiness." The idea is to stop America’s 105 land-grant universities (LGUs) from teaching "animal agribusiness," which is really the study of how to most efficiently and effectively use nonhumans (and Planet Earth) for food. According to RPA’s Founder and Executive Director, David Cantor, in Satya (April 2006):

[T]here can never be a “humane” raising of animals for food; nonhuman animals have moral rights that should be established in law and custom; animal agribusiness rapidly wastes vanishing fresh water supplies and topsoil, contaminates water and soil, and otherwise threatens ecosystems; and flesh, milk and eggs harm human health.

In RPA’s newsletter ("Thin Ice") of November 2006, Cantor wrote:

[I]t is important that we not confuse animal-welfare legislation with progress toward animal rights.

The illusory nature of "protection" provided under the animal-welfare system makes animal welfare essentially a public-relations arm of animal exploitation. Believing animal-welfare laws and calls for compassion afford protection, the public does not consider whether animal ownership, exploitation, and destruction should be challenged altogether (page 2, in "Why Democratic Party, Like GOP, Will Not Advance Animal Rights").

Go to and check out the material. You might want to use some for your personal advocacy.

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  1. Sheila #

    Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for the info!

    August 31, 2007

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