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Come to My Party for Animals

This could’ve been a really bad idea, but since no one in Palm Beach County is hosting a house party for the Humane Society Legislative Fund, I’ve decided to step up. If you’re a regular reader, you know I believe that legislation is our best hope to protect animals, as when left without a law to obey, many people will run roughshod over animals, the environment, and other people.

Agribusiness, "sports," "entertainment," as well as medical research, have all institutionalized cruelty. It’s up to us as consumers to boycott these industries and their products, and as constituents to make sure that our legislators are supporting or creating legislation that will decrease suffering. And when politicians won’t take the lead, it’s up to us, through the citizen initiative process (in the 24 states that have one), to get our issues on the ballot.

State legislative guides and lobbying guides are available from the Humane Society, as are lists of legislators, in case you don’t know who yours are. In Florida, our citizen initiative process is at risk. Read this factsheet for the myths and realities regarding this crucial issue.

And please, please, come to my party. And bring a check for at least $50 (and because it will go to lobbying, it is NOT tax deductible). Invite your friends and neighbors to come along.

Click here for more info on the soiree. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE IN FLORIDA TO PARTICIPATE!

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