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Comments are Back in Business

I’m dreadfully sorry for disabling the comments for the recent handful of posts. I didn’t do it intentionally and I’m not even sure how it happened. I’m grateful for the flurry of e-mails I received this afternoon to alert me.

Mille grazie.

Mary Martin, Ph.D.
Animal Person

Here’s what happens to people who come to my house and leave their car doors open.


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  1. Mike Grieco #

    A thousand thanks is owed to you Mary Martin.

    Hey!Where is Violet going?And where is Charles?

    A lovely lady said to me years ago that if you want a happy doggie care business,get a bunch of old cars and leave the doors open.The dogs will be in their "GLORY".
    They are "domesticated", I tell ya.:)…

    May 23, 2007

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