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Corrections for Nina Planck

In the event that you slept all day yesterday or were for other reasons otherwise unable to turn your computer on or read THE paper (The New York Times), you might have missed Nina Planck‘s "Death by Veganism." Yesterday, I urged any and everyone, preferably with better credentials than moi, to write a letter to the editor as well as to Plank.

The VegFamily News has the facts that Planck either doesn’t know or isn’t acknowledging, for those who haven’t yet crafted a letter and those who believe everything you read in the NYT (remember, Planck’s piece was on the opinion page, though it didn’t read like an opinion).

I’m interested to see what the NYT chooses to do with this. I also urge those uber-qualified to draft an opinion piece (not a letter, but a 650-word opinion, like Planck did, although there’s no guarantee that it will be published and I know it takes a lot of time and effort) and submit it to Follow the submission guidelines.

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