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Drilling Equals Killing

California’s Rep. Richard Pombo, who is castigated daily by environmentalists, is at it again. This time it’s personal: he’s knocking at my door.

Pombo and his Big Oil Buddies want to open the coast of Florida to oil drilling. And you know what that means: the creation of toxic discharges that will poison and kill marine wildlife. Inevitably, more dolphins will drown (although the party line will be: "Mysterious illness plagues man’s second-favorite mammal").

I don’t understand why this administration continues to act as if oil dependence is the way of the future.

I also don’t understand why they don’t demand greater fuel efficiency and invest gazillions in alternative (clean and safe) energy sources.

Luckily, Defenders of Wildlife is paying attention and has alerted all members to call their Representatives to voice their support of the existing ban on offshore drilling.

Finally, Jeb Bush may appear to be a friend to Florida’s coastlines, but a quick trip to the League of Conservation Voters proves otherwise (and also lists Pombo’s record).

How about looking into capturing and transforming some of the intense, daily sun we get instead?

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