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Greyhound Racing Officially Ends in Massachusetts


Thanks to Grey2kUSA and the voters of Massachusetts who put an end to live greyhound racing in the Bay State as of last Saturday night! Here's more on how it all happened and why this particular situation was unique (i.e., the ban happened while the industry was still operating).

Greyhound racing is a complex topic that sometimes appears to have nothing to do with the dogs and whether we should be racing them. But however it happens, when a track closes or a state no longer races dogs, I'm pleased as that's one more step toward freeing this gentle breed from (at least this form of) exploitation.

Cartoonist is Pudge O'Mahoney of the Patriot Ledger

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  1. Mike Grieco #

    Wonderful News. A very profound cartoon! And may greyhound racing never rise again from the shadows of cruelty.

    Many thanks to Grey2kUSA and the humane minded voters of Massachusetts for this victory!

    "No longer can we discount the lives of sensitive and intelligent creatures merely because they assume nonhuman form." – Gary Kowalski, The Souls of Animals

    All The Best…

    December 31, 2009

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