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Horrifying News for Greyhounds

It is with utter devastation that I must report that Greyhounds in Miami-Dade are doomed. Due to the passage of Question #3, thanks to a $5 million campaign by the bloodsport industry, slot machines will be added to the tracks, thereby propping up a dying industry.

The losers, of course, are the dogs.

With this development (and one in Broward from 2005), it will be very, very difficult to work toward the abolition of Greyhound racing in South Florida. Check out "Second Time’s the Charm for Miami Dade Slot Machines," by Mike Clary, who at no point mentions the effect on Greyhounds.

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  1. Kevin #

    I find it amazing that you don't support Greyhound racing, I am an owner of three Greyhounds, and I support the industry. I guess you think these sight hounds would have an excistance here in the US or anywhere if it was not for the tracks. I am not saying tracks should be required by law to humanily treat these animals, and attempt to adopt them out when possible. If they are not adoptable, it is exceptable to put them to sleep. These are working dogs, and they love to work, just like sled dogs, hunting dogs, and race horses. All of these animals are also put down when they are no longer able to compete if they can not be placed in a loving enviroment. I don't want those organizations shut down, and I don't want Greyhound racing to go away. It is one of the most wonderful things in the world to watch is Greyhounds doing what they do by natural drive, and that is RUN. I support the tracks, attend, and will always do so, to the extent that they treat the animals well, and tend to their needs.

    May 15, 2008
  2. Kevin,
    If you were an average person who hadn't adopted Greyhounds, I wouldn't be surprised by your remarks. But they are very disturbing coming from someone who claims to know about what goes on in the "production," use and "discarding" of the dogs.

    I do not believe in using any animal's natural ability for profit any more than I believe in using a person's natural ability. The person, however, could consent to being used, but the dog cannot.

    "These are working dogs" because we have made them working dogs. We breed them to work for us and make them work for us. That is utterly unethical. They may love to run, but they don't love to spend their lives racing for someone. I find your comments appalling and your ignorance or naivete about how the dogs are treated is disturbing.

    Finally, do you find it acceptable to kill human babies who aren't adopted? Of course you don't. And it's not as if babies are going to make you any money running in races. You find it unacceptable because human babies are human, therefore they are deemed worthy of living, whether they're useful or not. That's called speciesism, and that's what I'm here to fight against.

    Dogs don't exist for us, they exist for themselves. We do however create them so we can take over their lives and take nearly every decision away from them, and you clearly have no ethical problem with that. Greyhounds will continue to suffer because people like you want to continue to be entertained by them.

    May 15, 2008

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