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If You Weren’t Already Boycotting China

It’s very difficult for me to write this post. In yet another show of shameless malice, China has now topped its brutal slaughter of dogs, and has turned to torturing animals for no other reason than . . . fun.

In Sickening ‘Animal Olympics’ forces kangaroos to box humans (Daily Mail 09/29/06), you’ll actually find photos of a man dressed in a clown suit boxing with a kangaroo, in case you thought the story was a practical joke because it’s so preposterous. This horrendously-barbaric event is in its 4th year (I can’t believe it made it this long), and involves 300 animal "athletes," including zebras, mountains goats, bears, and chimps. Oh, and as it turned out, the Chinese also hold horse fights.

These are my questions, and they’re VERY politically incorrect, but I’m serious:

  • How did the Chinese get this way?
  • What is wrong with that country?
  • Why do they believe that causing pain and suffering is so much fun?
  • Where is their compassion?

Once again, I must urge everyone to boycott China and write to its Ambassador. And while you’re at it, write to your legislators and let them know–not because they’re going to introduce a bill to boycott China–but let them know just how unhappy you are that we do so much business with China. Maybe, just maybe, in your grandchildren’s lifetime, China will be a different place because we will have put so much pressure on them that they’ll be forced to change. We’ve got to start somewhere, some time.

The time is now.

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