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I’m Daryl Hannah, and Other Good News

Bea wanted some good news today, and here it is: I'm Daryl Hannah. That's good news for me, and your good news is that maybe you're Woody Harrelson or Paul Watson.

This is all according to "What's Your Green Personality?" at TheDailyGreen, which is a minute-long quiz that has a space for comments and that doesn't ever mention veganism. Funny thing, as I'm all three of the aforementioned celebrity-types, and they're all vegans. Strange omission. But mainstream enviros are loathe to mention animals without the word "sustainable," followed of course by their rationale for continuing to eat their "tasty" steak.

Wow, this is getting cynical for a good news day.

Let me start over.

Did you hear that 1 in 200 children is a vegetarian? (That's about 367,000 kids.) And that the rate could be four to six times higher for older kids who have more control over what they eat? (Here's more on the study.) The less-good news is that the number of vegetarian adults is not on the rise. Furthermore, vegetarian doesn't mean vegan (though it doesn't not mean vegan, either).

Wait, good news, only good news.

Let me start over, one more time.

Those Stella McCartney running shoes? They're vegan. That's great news. But I suppose it doesn't count as you already knew that. The less-great news? They were $135. And even less-great? My heels are killing me, my shins hurt as well, and I'm going back to Asics.

Damn. Did it again.

One last time.

Charles doesn't have cancer! How's that for good news? He has some kind of soft-tissue damage in his back right leg, but no broken bones or cancer (50% of middle-aged greyhounds who go to the vet lame will have osteosarcoma). And he must be mildly tranquilized because he is so frustrated from not being allowed to run that he's going crazy and can easily aggravate his injury.

But he doesn't have cancer. And that makes at least the running shoes a lot less of a big deal.

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  1. Deb #

    I am Daryl Hannah too! What cracked me up is that Paul Watson was a possible celeb…I had no idea he was a celeb!

    That's great news about Charles. Very scary to have had to worry about that though.

    And this part of the comment really should be on the post with the video of the cats talking to each other, but I'm too lazy for that! So I'll put it here – when I played that, tempest started hissing right away. lol.

    And the chicken who stayed overnight on friday? Even she only makes noises when there is someone to pay attention to them. I heard her in the kitchen pecking at her leftovers when I got up, but making no vocalizations. As soon as she heard me moving around, she came running over and told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted more corn chips.

    January 20, 2009
  2. I'm a "Green Academic" sharing this title with Gore – But one thing about being "green" and being vegan – Just like some people go into veganism for health but wind up caring about animal issues… I used to "not really care" about the environment – It was always someone else's problem. After a year+ being vegan I now recycle, compost, walk rather than drive and am very aware of the planet I'm on. That's the beauty of growth/change – it leads to more good things 🙂

    But I was waiting for the question on "sustainable" food too and it was predictably absent… 🙁

    1 in 200 "vegetarian" kids – Absurd, but I think there's more than that in Polk County!

    Your shoes… Sorry they didn't work for you – Style-wise I thought they were fabulous! But cost was way, way beyond me – I don't think my whole wardrobe costs $135 – seriously. I'm a thrift-store, yard-sale "fashion queen"… But, my house was paid for before I was 50, so being *cheap* has it's rewards.

    Now… Charles not having cancer – Yes! absolutely great news! I know, I've been in vet's offices myself, dreadfully awaiting "results". It's a cloud nine moment when the doc walks in smiling. 🙂 So glad for you! And because we love you – it IS great news for all – (thanks).

    January 20, 2009
  3. It's hard not to complain, I know. That's why I only post recipes. Thanks for trying. I turned out to be Al Gore.


    January 20, 2009
  4. I'm a green radical (Darryl Hannah, Woody Harrelson, Paul Watson). It's nice to be placed with the likes of my favorite replicant 🙂

    I always get mad at the vegan omission as well. It's similar to the car one only worse. People are amazed when I tell them I don't have a driver's license at 26 and that I never drive, they are even more amazed when I tell them I am a bike-riding vegan. But where do you get your protein???!!!


    Thanks for the entry.

    January 20, 2009
  5. Dan #

    I don't take so-called "green" quizzes with vegan omissions. I realize that the vegan issue is different from the green issue, but a strong reference to at least one's dietary habits (if not veganism) is essential.

    Nice try on the attempt at writing good news. 😀 You did much better than I ever could have!

    January 20, 2009
  6. This explains the (inaccurate) data from the 1 in 200 kids survey:
    There were only 2 questions which gathered the information concerning those on meat-free diets:

    1. During the past 12 months did [your child] use any of the following special diets for two weeks or more for health reasons? Please say yes or no to each." [Vegetarian was one of the options.]

    2.During the past 12 months did [your child] use a vegetarian diet to treat a specific health problem or condition other than weight control or weight loss?

    As Reed Mangels, RD, PHD of the Vegetarian Resource Group points out that, "As you can see, many parents whose children follow vegetarian diets for religious, ethical, animal rights, environmental or other issues…would answer "no" to this question and not be counted."

    Figures right?

    January 21, 2009

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