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Over the years I’ve been called by a dozen or so journalists to comment on various local and regional animal-related stories, and I didn’t keep track of them. After a 20 minute interview, I usually ended up being quoted in one or two sentences (like in The Christian Science Monitor in 2008), and I don’t know how useful those sentences were anyway.

But I have kept track of longer interviews and chats.

I’m also a contributing writer at Animal Rights and AntiOppression.

And AR Zone has recently launched a Vegan Buddies program, and I’m a Vegan Buddy Mentor! Check it out!



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  1. Mary – could you please delete the above comment where I share the project details? I didn’t realize the comment would be public. The information stands, but it is confidential and really shouldn’t be on a public forum.

    Also, the email to reach me at is:


    February 25, 2015

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