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Melange Monday

So many things to say today.

First, check out “The Vegan Solution: An Ideal Whose Time Has Come” over at Care2. And what do you think about the word “ideal”? But more important, commenter Daniel Manahan could use some gentle education. And former vegan, Chuck Roomi, who says veganism isn’t practical “For people who do not have a desire to eat exotic foods from thousands of miles away, or mechanically-formulated suplements” also warrants a response.

I don’t usually link to Care2, despite (or because of?) the fact that updates flood my Inbox, but I think this one’s worth commenting on, particularly because there has yet to be a solid, thorough response to Daniel and Chuck (at least not at 6:30 am).

Next, there’s Parade magazine on the Iditarod, which frankly I can’t even talk about this year and is a disgraceful display of barbarity. Stephanie has been dealing with the usual “dogs-love-to-run” and “it’s-part-of-our culture” and “this-is-what-they’re-bred-to-do” crowd, which is a thankless, enervating and maddening job. Also at Parade, which reader morganna alerted me to, is “Should Apes Be Allowed as Pets?” which includes a poll. 

Ian says, regarding “Veterinarians Train Sealers to Kill Humanely,” that “veterinarians very often do not care about animals but rather are more like auto mechanics who are providing a service for humans (that service may be to save an animal or kill an animal, etc).” He also notes that evidence that welfarism is misguided is that even the sealers are for it.

Finally, there’s an alert from Susan Hargreaves, who is a humane educator here in South Florida (via Trish). I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her in action with adults and children and I profoundly admire her vegan education and animal rights activism.

There is an elephant who deperately needs our help. Nosey the African elephant is with Liebling Family circus in Florida, right now they are in Mount Dora, this outfit violates animal welfare regulations on a regular basis. There is a signed affidavit about a trainer turning the lights off during the show, tying all 4 of her legs down and beating her with bullhooks, and encouraging other circus workers to join in using sledge hammers and shovels. Please, read the action alert at the end of this email.

The situation is dire. The Fish and Wildlife Commission and Governor Crist need to hear there is an outcry in order for Nosey to be confiscated. There have been many instances where elephants in these constant abusive situations go berserk. This happened with Janet an elephant in Palm Bay, FL. when she was giving 11 children rides on her back, Janet was shot 27 times. My dad’s friend was one of the policeman who shot her, he found out that they had sold her baby to another circus the day before. It is just a matter of time before Nosey reaches her breaking point, she currently is forced to give rides to children in Mount Dora. 

For teachers and others who work with kids:

This calls for children or youth to get together to videotape a short message (1-2 minutes) like a commercial, showing their art work or murals or letters to the Fish and Wildlife Commision (FWC) and simply urge Governor Crist and the FWC Commision to take action and confiscate Nosey the elephant, prosecute the circus to the full extent of the law and to ban them from being able to own/use elephants again. This is an opportunity to be creative with getting your message across. If you cannot videotape, how about a photo of your group/class/pets club holding up a sign asking for Nosey to be rescued from her daily torment ?

Please, email it to  and Governor Crist and to and I know most schools have video cameras in the media center that are used for announcements. In this modern age it’s much easier to email videos, I could post the video-taped message on the HERO site to educate others about Nosey’s plight and to urge the FWC to confiscate her and prosecute the circus to the full extent of the law. Please, read the full story on the Action Alert below.

This is a great opportunity for children and youth to make a real difference in a very sad elephant’s life, I hope you can help. 

Thank you,

Susan Hargreaves

Direct line # 561-676-0633

See Tim Gorski’s  (from Rattle the Cage) 2 minute video about humane


For the rest of us: Send a note to Rodney Baretto, chair of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and Ken Haddad, the commission’s executive director and urge them to confiscate Nosey immediately and prosecute the circus to the fullest extent of the law, including revoking Liebel’s license to possess elephants.

That was a lot, I know. Thanks for telling me about the stories that are important to you (and me!).
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  1. Re: the seals… "Hunters have to kill the animals by first smashing the skull…" I just don't understand how that one sentence doesn't disqualify any further fantasy of "humane". But then again, I've come to realize that words can be manipulated to mean anything one wishes them to mean: a humane club, a humane captive bolt gun, a humane electro-stunner, a humane chicken scalder… Spread the love.

    March 23, 2009
  2. Mary – I am wondering if the Humane Society of the United States's softening of their stance regarding the Idiotarod (alluded to in Stephanie's blog on has something to do with the hiring in 2007 of ex-LA Times staff writer/author John Balzar. Mr. Balzar wrote a promotional book about our disgusting Yukon Quest race (based on 1998 Yukon Quest race). The book contained plenty of instances of dog suffering and cruelty, and also allegations of Quest mushers smoking marijuana during Quest races. This is apparently highly entertaining to the mindless fools who support the Idiotarod and Yukon Quest.

    Condensed version of 'Yukon Alone: The World's Toughest Adventure Race' book at:

    HSUS Executive Staff bio of John Balzar:

    [5 dogs MURDERED in 2009 Idiotarod]

    March 24, 2009
  3. I've known a number of veterinarians, and I agree that they are generally not animal-lovers, though they may think of themselves as such. It's both baffling and disturbing to me that most vets are omnivores — and some even participate in hunting & fishing. Reminds me of a retired OB/GYN I know who is an avid trapper (and poaches mink, to boot).

    March 25, 2009

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