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On “Amazing Grace” and Feeling Like a Wimp

I finally saw Amazing Grace last week and boy did it make me feel like a wimp. Sure, we all read about the abolitionists and we know what they did. At least intellectually. But watching people with a sense of urgency, so single-minded in their quest for justice, created an ambivalence about what I’m doing for my cause(s). It made me wonder (as I have for quite some time) whether I should compare myself to them.

Anyone else have a similar reaction?

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  1. I didn't have quite the same reaction, though I certainly understand why you feel that way. I did, however, refer to how today's animal advocates might relate to the film in a review I wrote back in February of last year (and boy is it fun to go back and spot all of one's typos):

    "it was an ode to perserverance (sic) in service of a noble cause, despite derision by one's peers, lack of popular appeal, and even illness and self-doubt, something I think many animal advocates can related to."

    January 31, 2008

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