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On People Who Hate People Who Don’t Want to Hurt Anybody

Bea sent me the link to (just put www in front of it). They are a project of CCF, which also runs ActivistCash and I don't spend much–rather any–time at the CCF site, though I did get a perverse thrill when I found out that Rick Berman's own son David finds him despicable (Berman the elder is the hater monger behind CCF and perhaps the rest of them). That's horrible of me and I feel terrible for David, as though I have issues with my parents and their beliefs or behavior, let's just say they've got nothing on Rick Berman.

This site, which is new to me, gets some things right and some wrong, and focuses on PETA, I suppose because they have the most money and influence. PCRM, Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, United Poultry Concerns and HSUS are some of its targets. Clearly, any organization on the spectrum of welfare and rights is included. Basically, if you don't want to hurt anybody, or if you don't mind hurting some persons but not others, you're an enemy of this organization.

The site is loaded with misinformation, which either comes from ignorance or is intentional. And then there are facts presented as myths. For instance, in the glossary you can find "sentient being:"

A phrase used by animal rights activists to suggest that cows, chickens, pigs, and ducks have a human-like capacity for thinking, feeling, and understanding the world around them. The radical group Farm Sanctuary has used this wording to win passage of symbolic proclamations in over 60 U.S. cities and towns, each one claiming that since farm animals are "sentient," humans have "an ethical obligation" to refrain from causing them any "pain and suffering." Since slaughtering animals for food inevitably entails bloodshed, the implication is that "Babe" the pig shouldn't be eaten. Period.

I don't have much to disagree with there other than Farm Sanctuary being radical. And then there's the reality that cows, etc. have the capacity for pleasure, pain, fear, frustration and boredom, just as your "pet" dog or your child do, is conveniently left out.

"Extremist" is probably the word most-often used on the site, though I don't care enough to count. None of this is new, including the fact that people who don't believe we should be using animals and don't support PETA's tactics or message are all but left out. Realistically, that's because we're not yet powerful enough and we're not organized enough (I do support PCRM, by the way).

So here's the question: Does anyone know of any progress regarding a real animal rights organization that doesn't focus on welfare? At the beginning of 2008 I wrote "Will 2008 Bring an Animal Rights Movement?" What's your answer? Did it? And if not, what do we need to do now?

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  1. "And then there's the reality that cows, etc. have the capacity for pleasure, pain, fear, frustration and boredom, just as your "pet" dog or your child do, is conveniently left out."

    Indeed even the meat industry's own darling Ms. Slaughterhouse Grandin holds the opinion that pigs and cows have the same emotions as dogs and cats… They may find themselves tripping over her new book yet.

    As far as a cohesive, united Animal Rights Movement – One with solidarity and focus… to end all forms of animal exploitation: Although it can't be seen or measured, I'm certain that we're closer now than when you wrote those hopes in 08.

    It is said in wars and battles that what your enemy reveals in their counter-offenses says much about their uncertainty of victory. That the cattle industry chose to place in it's timeline the creation of
    "PETA", that the animal ag industries are having to devise ways to "get their message out", that the meat institute is having to scramble to limit bad PR – all tell of change.

    These factors are new to animal users – 20 years ago they did not have to "defend" their product… 10 years ago the information about their "products" weren't Youtubed and available 24/7 to everyone either by direction or by chance. In the last 5 years we've had some incredibly intelligent, well reasoned philosphical arguments against animal exploitation. The generation of information has forced
    operations like CCF and AnimalScam into existence. Of course they annoy me with their lies and misconceptions… but I'm also glad they're there… It shows we're making headway. They wouldn't put
    this much time, money and energy into discrediting Animal Rights activists unless they thought they had something to fear. They do.

    I have no doubt that things will progressively get more difficult for those who wish to invalidate animals rights. But it would be an unforgivable tragedy if it's champions were delayed a moment, by
    not having the Organization to see it through –

    What might that "Organization" be? It will take a much better mind and younger body than I possess to discover what it will be. I only know for now, that I'll stay in the trenches – holding and
    gaining ground for the promised notion of emancipation. If there is to ever be any justice it must be so.

    And meanwhile, since CCF and their ilk feel the threat upon them, enough for their institutions to desperately engage in damage control – I say… continue doing the same as it must be working.

    February 4, 2009

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