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On Rethinking Human Nature

I was going to extensively quote Steve Best’s "From ‘Man the the Hunter’ to Homo X: Rethinking Human Nature" at the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Blog, but then I heard some disquieting news–there’s a hurricane by the name of Fay headed my way. And can say that The New York Times is right about one thing: there isn’t enough fear in Florida when it comes to hurricanes thanks to a multi-year streak of mellow seasons that delivered nothing close to the devastation of the 2004 season, which left us (meaning my neighborhood) waterless, powerless, roofless, and overweight from eating way to much peanut butter.

I currently have no bottled water, no peanut butter (or almond butter!), no crackers, no ice for a cooler, and very few batteries, so I’m off to do my shopping–with the rest of North Palm Beach County, before 9am.

I’ll be around to moderate throughout the day, and I do hope to also chime in, not that my opinion is particularly interesting or anyone’s waiting around to read it.

If you have some time, look through the posts at Critical Animal Studies. For me, they help remind me that veganism and animal rights are part of something much larger.

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  1. Bea Elliott #

    If Steve Best had a "best"…. I vote this one! The parallels to patriarchal and feminist issues were a bonus! I liked that he was able to discredit evolutionary mis-conceptions….. like timelines, and physical evidence/theory and such. I got it when he drew attention to our "dark side" and our brilliant ability to work through it. Given it's caustic (and contradictory) subject matter, I was pleased that the essay concluded with an optimistic view. We can, with education and discussion, realign ourselves with our values. We can progress.

    This one goes in my "ammo" folder….. thanks for the suggestion!

    And Mary…. This year, Murphy's Law says I am "hurricane-proof" – simply because I am "prepared"! 🙂 Anyway, batten down.

    August 18, 2008

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