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On the Blogger’s Choice Awards and Linguistics

Okay, this is the deal . . .

Apparently, my nomination for Best Education Blog has been nullified, and for good reason. As a representative wrote me earlier:

Specifically pertaining to the "educational" category, after reviewing many of the nominated blogs we saw there might’ve been a slight misunderstanding about what the category should represent.  Perhaps that was due to the name of the category.  Essentially, this is the "Best Education Blog" category, and was intended to house blogs tied to education…school-related topics, home-schooling, college, further education, etc.

This, my friends, is the difference between "educational" (most blogs are educational in some way) and "education" (pertaining to the field of education).
I thank all who voted, as I was in third place at the time I was nixed. If you haven’t voted, or you voted in the education category, there’s still time. Yes, you do have to register, which takes only a moment, and they e-mail you a confirmation. This is all so no one can double vote. So for all of you who said, "I voted!" but you never saw the vote button turn green and tell you you voted, your vote didn’t count.

This is all for clarification. I’d love to motivate all of you who write to me about how important Animal Person is, but motivation isn’t my job–education is (ah, the irony).

Have a great day.

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