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On The Goode Family and Infiltration

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I found The Goode Family disappointing on the vegan side. Yeah, lots of mockery, but I didn't laugh. I didn't think the show was all that funny, like, say, The Simpsons. The bit about the purity dance and marrying your father was okay, but still not that funny.

Maybe it's me. Comedy is my favorite genre, and I enjoy satire the most. But The Goodes fell flat for me.

Anyone else watch? What did you think?

Another opportunity for infiltration (heh, heh, heh) has presented itself on, which has a "Food and Nutrition" page that already has posts about mindful eating and vegetarianism. This site is clearly geared toward older people (like me) and baby boomers (I'm in that no-man's land between Gen X and baby boomers-1966) who are "spiritual" and, it seems, liberal.

One complaint many of us have with "liberals" and "progressives" DSC_0484 need is someone to help them make connections–over some vegan dark chocolate chunk brownies with (tofutti) cream cheese frosting!


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  1. Zucchini Breath #

    Any press is good press, they say.

    I thought it was funny, no laugh out loud moments but I did get a few snickers. I think with time the characters and plot lines will develop and well, we'll see. I'm not going to form a solid opinion but I will watch next few episodes, definitely.

    May 28, 2009
  2. John #

    Yeah I'm with you. My wife and I watched it last night and didn't think it was all that funny. Since it's by the same creator as King of the Hill it seemed to follow a similar theme with some kind of moral message at the end, maybe good but not funny. As far as hilarity in prime time cartoons go nothing can top Family Guy!

    Though I read your blog all the time this is my first time commenting on your site so I thought I'd share with you that I also have a greyhound…who's been on a vegan diet for the last year and half(about the same time I became a vegan!). He turned 11 a couple of months ago but his health took a turn for the worse after being diagnosed with Oseteosarcoma back in December of last year. I was kind of in denial at first and even more so when the limp that he had disappeared in January but only to return a couple months later. His spirits, his appetite and focus are still very good but he's not all that mobile anymore and his muscle in his leg shows a lot of atrophy now. Though he still can get by while trying not to apply much pressure on his left front leg I often find myself carrying his 68 lbs. when taking him and out to relieve himself! I know eventually I'll have to make that decision as to when the time is right(which brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it). I had to do the same with my other greyhound before him who had cancer at the age of 8. He's such a great friend and he's going to be missed dearly when he's no longer with us.

    May 28, 2009
  3. Mary Martin #

    John you're killin' me! Broke out in tears long before the end of your comment. Osteosarcoma is the worst. Though Charles' surgery definitely sucked, at least his quality of life will improve somewhat and hopefully some of his muscle will return. And cancer twice for your hounds! You're a true greyhound friend. I wish you and your boy peace and love- and joy-filled moments in this last part of your journey together.

    May 28, 2009
  4. Mary Martin #

    Grist's take on the show is at .

    I concur.

    May 29, 2009

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