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On Veganism and Acne

In case you need another reason to stop eating dairy products, permit me a personal story. I stopped eating eggs and milk and butter (alone, not as an ingredient in something) a while ago, however I wasn’t a vegan, as I’d still have a dessert that was no doubt made with dairy products; I ate Greens Plus bars, which are made with whey; and I’d crave pizza once or twice a month. I ate no other cheese, as cheese smells like filthy feet to me and instantly nauseates me. But mozzarella was always a different story. It’s the most wimpy of queso, and no cheese lover even takes it seriously, but I never cared. I loved it.

I’ve had adult acne (acne vulgaris) on-and-off for two decades, and though not life-threatening, it can be most unattractive. When I stopped eating non-vegan desserts, and finally ditched the pizza and switched to a raw, vegan energy bar, an interesting thing occurred: my acne disappeared. I would never have guessed that I ate enough dairy products to have gotten significant doses of hormones, butterfat, iodine, or milk sugars, but the only thing I changed was my diet, and my skin cleared within weeks.

For more info on the connection between dairy and various foul bodily functions and reactions, click here. And for more tips on clearing acne (going dairy-free is the first tip on the list), check out

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