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I wasn’t going to reveal this because even I was sick of reading my writing about what to feed my greyhounds, but here it is, and I SWEAR I’m never mentioning it again.

Both of my hounds are thriving as of today. They’re gaining weight (Charles Hobson Booger, III has gained 5 lbs., and the diabetic, half-blind Violet Rays has gained 4 lbs.), and they don’t lick, scratch or shed. And I know you want to know about their poop. It’s fine. Magnificent. I refuse to give you the details, just trust me on this.

What are they eating? Natural Balance Vegetarian (actually it’s vegan, and thanks to Noah at Friends of Animals for convincing me to give it another try–it really does have the best ingredients–and no wheat, soy, or corn!), with organic pumpkin, organic coconut butter, Organic Greener Grasses Powder, and some funky flower-based tonic thing with Boswellia from the homeopath (for inflammation from years of being forced to race for The Man). They get adjusted by the doggie chiropractor biweekly, and Violet  Rays gets acupuncture for her arthritis.

Emily, the FIP-carrier kitty is still alive, after receiving a death sentence six years ago. Whatever we’re doing with her, it’s working.  (She eats Petguard canned Seafood Dinner–don’t write me–I tried to switch her to vegan, but she’d have none of it.) She’s quite content, and napping in a splash of sun in front of the french doors to the courtyard at this very moment.

To those who actually accused me of not doing the right thing regarding animals, I say, guffaw, pshaw, and look them up if you don’t know what they mean. And to those who think I look fat in that picture, I agree.

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