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Thank You for Reading and Writing

As you may know, I've been blogging daily, usually about our relationship to nonhuman animals, but sometimes digressing wildly to address religion or god (or the dubious existence thereof), since May 22 of 2006.

Like most vegans over 40, I was raised as an omnivore. I had a kitty I named Brady from age eight until age 25. I was in and out of both vegetarianism and veganism since age 17, never quite getting the message that dairy and eggs involve any kind of cruelty, and never confronting the oxymoron that is humane farming.

I was even a vegan for years then ate filet mignon for a year (the year I met my husband, who of course refers to that year as the year of the bait and switch). I understand what it's like to know something is wrong yet do it anyway. I understand what it's like to enjoy the taste of something so much (pizza) that I was willing to overlook its horrifying aspects. I understand what it's like to believe that welfare reforms should lead to the cessation of the use of sentient nonhumans.

I've made every mistake possible while trying to help wildlife, some mistakes were fatal. My path hasn't been completely linear, but overall it has led from ignorance to education, and from acquiring knowledge to developing a belief system to aligning my actions with my beliefs.

Studies of happiness consistently demonstrate that money, contrary to popular belief, as very little to do with happiness. The factors happy people share are: giving and sharing, helping others and gratitude. Today is a day set aside specifically for gratitude. I wish there were a giving and sharing day and a help others day that were widely celebrated, but I digress.

I thank you for reading and commenting and writing me personally, and for and being witness to my journey, imperfect as it is.

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  1. I'm forever grateful for the countless times I've come to you with issues I couldn't work through on my own. Thanks for answering my many questions concerning animals, ethics, philosophy, politics and even personal crisis… Today I'm thankful for such a guide and for such a friend. Happy ThanksLiving Day Mary –

    November 27, 2008
  2. Thank you for being an Animal Person, Mary! 🙂

    November 27, 2008
  3. Mike Grieco #

    Hey Mary, I would like to echo Bea, and many thanks for bringing so many wonderful human beings together each and every day to witness your journey while we all work on our own journey without forgeting the lives of the nonhuman species…

    Journey-On to you all and many, many more happy healthy Thanksgivings to all life.


    November 28, 2008

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