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The PETA I Knew and Loved, Sort Of

A handful of people sent me an article I wasn’t surprised at, until the end.

In January, I wrote about how Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) was promoting veal. Well, they’re still doing that, and now they’re joined by none other than the RSPCA.

Let’s deconstruct:

  • In "Eat British Veal With a Clear Conscience, says RSPCA," the "food business manager" for CIWF, Ms. Rowen West-Henzell, says "Veal shouldn’t be a dirty word. There’s a process of re-education that needs to occur. British rose veal is something we are happy to endorse." British rose veal is also known as "high-welfare veal."
  • Yes . . . high-welfare veal. I’m not even sure why they would call it "high welfare." They’re not fed the traditional restricted diet, but so what?
  • Male dairy calves are known as "waste products" and are either shot at birth or made into "veal." I’m still not sure where there’s any kind of welfare consideration. Instead of shooting them now, they kill them later? Is that the welfare part?
  • West-Henzell says: ""Over the next year we will be promoting the consumption of rose veal as a way of dealing with the problem of wasted bull calves." Call me crazy, but if you want to stop "producing" bull calves that end up "wasted," there’s a quick and easy solution: Stop using cows for their milk so their kids have to be ripped away from them, tortured and slaughtered.

Finally, PETA injects some sanity into the discussion with: "While the plan is well-intentioned, the answer to saving calves from long-distance transport, confinement in cruel, tiny crates, and slaughter soon after birth doesn’t lie in encouraging consumers to eat more British meat . . . Anyone who is concerned about the welfare of veal calves should dump dairy and go vegan."

Now if they could only say that about eggs . . .

I also question how "well-intentioned" the plan is. It’s a business plan "intended" to reduce "waste" and increase profit, which is all plainly stated. It’s an insult to our intelligence to claim that the "welfare" of the young calves is a priority.

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  1. Nick #

    Wow, I now oppose PETA just a little bit less. Now if only they would always say to go vegan…

    August 21, 2008
  2. Bea Elliott #

    If only all the well intentioned vegetarians (like I was) knew of veal….. The dairy industry is insidious and savage. It's by product "Bob veal" is the most unfathomable.

    "Bob-veal" comes from calves younger than 1 month old. Meaning even a few hours "old"….

    Chapter III of Title 9
    Sec. 309.10 Onset of parturition.

    "Any livestock showing signs of the onset of parturition shall be withheld from slaughter until after parturition and passage of the placenta. Slaughter or other disposition may then be permitted if the animal is otherwise acceptable."

    New mother & new-born are killed together. The USDA Livestock daily slaughter often reports on cow calf pairs.

    I lament.

    August 21, 2008
  3. davedrum #

    "It's an insult to our intelligence to claim that the "welfare" of the young calves is a priority."

    Did somebody say "welfare"…? sniff sniff 😉

    I too see the "left overs" from dairy farming up here in the Catskill Mountains of NY…. Even from those that sell "organic" milk. I see it every single time I leave my house and head to town. Maybe…just maybe…some that spend all their time writing all day on 5 different forums…and the "others" that collect money in the name of animal rights or animal welfare…by pulling at heart strings…should spend a day out here in the country… and they could see….that there is no such thing as ""high-welfare veal."

    I've seen way too many times the poor calves separated from their mothers…I too have seem the mothers calling out to their babies from the gate the keeps them from their babies…They even use little "dog Igloos" here to tie them up to… SO… even if not in a crate… or tied up on a short tether (which is what they also do around here)… The calves and babies are always kept away from their mothers and fed crap….The logic is always faulty at best. There is no logic at all.

    There is no such thing as "high-welfare veal." Only "high -welfare" people obsessed with "welfare"…sniff sniff…

    August 21, 2008
  4. PETA's new "Liberation Project" begins on the premise that veganism ought to be the end. They should be lauded for their efforts, I think.

    August 21, 2008

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