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Five years ago, a friend of mine spent a year teaching English in China. On his first day, he was told to never utter "The 3 T’s: Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square." If he did, he would be arrested.

All I have to say to that is:
Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square
Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square
Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square

Here are three interesting pages to begin or further your education:
Tiananmen Square

I bring this up because an Animal Person reader, who lives in Taiwan, was kind enough to leave a comment that adds to my various How to Boycott China remarks.

I think it’s important enough for a bonus post. Click on the link to the post and the comment is below. There’s some mighty weird stuff in there–animal and otherwise (e.g., the petition to stop the harvesting of human organs in China).

Remember to research all issues before you take action.

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