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Today’s the Deadline for Lobsters at Whole Foods

As Brenda Goodman reported in the New York Times ("In Test Program, Whole Foods Becomes a Lobster’s New Best Friend," 06/10/06), today’s the deadline for the program.

If the new lobster condos have been a success and the lobsters are deemed humanely-treated, Whole Foods will continue to sell live lobsters. If it hasn’t been a success, Whole Foods will discontinue selling live lobsters.

Though I’m interested in the outcome, and I think the selling of live creatures is a deplorable practice, I’m more upset with the mention of Publix, here in Florida, which has no plans to improve the treatment of lobsters or discontinue their sale.

Whole Foods is great at responding to consumer pressure, and their ethic is strong from the top down. I will be shocked if they continue to sell live lobsters.

It’s the Publixes of the world that need some pressure now.

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