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Undercover “Free-Range” Egg Video

Chicken1_682_514469a_2 Now let me get this straight: They’re not in cages, therefore  . . .

Thanks to Roger for directing me to an expose on "cage-free" and "free-range" eggs with the RSPCA’s Freedom Food label. In March of 2007, I wrote a post for ("Freedom Food Outed in the UK") about the neglect of pigs, turkeys and ducks who were supposedly "raised to higher welfare standards," according to chef Jamie Oliver (and the Freedom Food site), but this video demonstrates that laying hens aren’t any better off than the animals in last year’s undercover video.

Not only is the British public misled about the welfare of the animals they are paying someone to slaughter, but they’re also paying a premium to be misled. Oh, and one of their favorite celebrity chefs, who gassed day-old chicks on his show in order to reveal the truth about what happens to the males in the egg industry (and who at no point objects to that practice), is one of their top spokespeople.

Check out the article and slideshow that accompany the video, and the next time someone tells you they care about chickens and pay extra to prove how much they care, sent them to this expose, Cage Free Eggs: Behind the Myth, or "Can you tell the difference?"

I’m sure that most consumers (and most vegetarians), are unaware
that male chicks are killed and that eliminating cages doesn’t result
in a great life for hens. And I’m not sure whether vegetarians, who
still eat eggs and dairy because they think no one got hurt or died for
them, are thinking things through. I was one of them, and I’m not
mocking them; I’m simply making an observation. What did I think was
going to happen to the hens? Did I think they’d live their lives out,
with veterinary care if needed, even after they were no longer able to produce
eggs? What was I thinking?

Well, considering how much cogitating my obsessive mind does, and
the fact that I nevertheless failed to think the egg situation through
to its logical end, I can easily see how the average person–and even
the average vegetarian–neglects several significant issues. It’s up to
us, then, to inform them as well as help them see what’s in front of
them that they’re not seeing (e.g., all of the animals will be killed).
I’m not sure what the ethos of today’s vegetarian is, but if it has
anything to do with harm without necessity or killing without
necessity, I think it’s safe to say that eggs should be off their list.

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  1. Bea Elliott #

    Speaking with several vegetarians I'm convinced too that "even the average vegetarian–neglects several significant issues". And it's understandable why they are not thinking things through. The animal-use culture, the media, the government, the egg and dairy industries go to great lengths to continue the charade. The wholesome pretty packaging and happy farmed animal advertising conceals the awful, horrible lies. Yes, it is up to us to expose the cruel and barbaric practices to vegetarians as well as omnivores – every chance we get.

    June 25, 2008

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