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UPDATE: Deer With Snout Stuck in Pumpkin

In Pumpkin Stuck on Deer’s Face last Saturday, I was in a snit because though the poor young buck was starving and walking around Michigan with a Halloween jack-o-lantern stuck on his face, the biggest problem with trying to help him was that when hunting season began, and he was killed, his meat would be tainted with tranquilizers and might be harmful to whoever ate him.

Unfortunately, the young buck won’t have the opportunity to poison anyone with his tainted flesh, because he somehow freed himself from the bondage of Halloween past. It rained, which is what is being credited for him being able to shimmy his schnoz free. Apparently he’s very thin, so he’s not out of the woods yet. (Heh, heh.)

But if he does come out of the woods, I’m sure someone will become terrified or annoyed and call the fish and wildlife folks, who will promptly shoot him, or return him to the woods so he can get shot by a "sportsman."

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