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Veganism is the “End Stage?”

I don't spend much time at Care2, and I'm never looking forward to going to a site when I know someone has insulted me, like yesterday, but I am curious about one thing that I've never heard before: "veganism is the end stage in terms of personal use of animals"/"veganism is just the end stage (for those who can do it) of a deep concern for animals."

Here's what I don't understand: If veganism is the end, then doesn't that make me finished? Doesn't that mean I've done all I can do for sentient nonhumans? And is deep concern for animals, which is an admirable feeling to have, the only reason people go vegan? What about justice? What about nonviolence? What about the Planet?

Also, someone commented, referring to a vegan diet for dogs as "nonsensical" and I worry that the dozens of readers of that post will be influenced by that.

Again, I don't know what kinds of discussions usually occur at the Care2 site, but if you regularly visit and they don't already dislike you, perhaps joining the discussion about vegan dog food or about veganism being an end stage might be worthwhile.

A bit later . . . Part Deux of "For the Budding Vegan Author."

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  1. Perhaps this isn't a very productive response, but in light of Catherine's reading comprehension, I wouldn't take her input very seriously. Even after you left a comment explaining the post, she referred to "the writer" as a he, apparently missing your entire opening sentence. ("I am the writer of the above post, and it is satire.")

    As for her dismissal of a vegan diet as "nonsensical"…any readers who were swayed by Catherine's unsupported statement (inserted in a stream of nonsensical comments of her own) most likely had their minds made up anyway.

    Wow, do I sound like a grump this morning.

    July 28, 2009
  2. Patty #

    I read the VB6 piece by Mark Bittman and just shook my head. When I saw your VBM piece, I laughed. Clearly satire. No disclaimer needed. It is disheartening that the humor got lost on some.

    Re: Care2. I followed a discussion recently (even chimed in once or twice), but it started to get ugly. The comments were not sounding civil. I just stopped following the thread.

    Is veganism the "end stage?" I see it as just the beginning.

    July 28, 2009
  3. Thanks for giving me a topic to write about 🙂
    I already made a video on this subject ( ), but I can just do it again in writing!

    July 28, 2009
  4. mary #

    Why do it in writing, Elaine, it's perfect. You should link to it at Care2. I love the graphics, and of course the pup in the background.

    July 28, 2009
  5. Veganism is a foundation, a baseline from which every contextual encounter springs forth, occupies the present, looks back, and returns to. It is 'experienced knowledge'… that veganism reflects an enduring 'essence' that (itself) does not need to evolve, and as such is an end point. When we say that we will embrace veganism until we die, is to say that we will embody this enduring,infinite, fully evolved essence. Vegan-essence will continue well beyond our own finite end-points.While it does not depend on us for its own meaning, it depends on us to embody it in the world and carry it into each of our experiences so that we can become informed of the most compassionate, and selfless decisions needed (in that present moment).For us it is a pathway within and through which we move about in the world. Veganism occupies each particular lived dimension yet transcends any dualism of human/non-human, inside /outside. It is a greater whole that resolves the differences that can divide us , yet maintains our ability to descriminate psuedo-wholes that can blind us. That can cause us to lose sight of the diversity and seperateness of beings who occupy the world in their own way. In summary,there is nothing necessary 'beyond' veganism to live really well, that is why it is an end point.

    July 28, 2009

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