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World Vegetarian Day/World Vegan Day

World Vegetarian Day is over, but they’re still collecting photos and names for the "We are weaned" project.

If there are any vegans here (or you know some) who want to participate in
this campaign, please send a portrait photo (or several from which we can select
one; at least 190 × 285 pixels) and your name (plus city/country if you want), to

Here’s the page, in German:
And here it is, in English:

Today, as you may know, is World Vegan Day. (If you still wear silk, check this out.) Though I don’t bring up veganism unless I am asked something about food or animals or the way I live, because it’s World Vegan Day I’m giving myself a free pass to raise topics I wouldn’t ordinarily initiate. It should be quite interesting as I’m bringing my own lunch to a midday meeting with a dozen people whom I’ve met only once.

PS-I was going to write about the feral cat situation that is in desperate need of immediate action by everyone, but Deb Durant wrote a fabulous post about it. Please update yourself and take action. Neighborhood Cats also has information on this topic (and please know I do not know a lot about Neighborhood Cats. This is not me endorsing them. I’m merely saying they have a lot of information, including whom to contact and talking points).

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