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Write a Nice Letter to Ellen, and Other Stuff

First of all, may I just congratulate my father-in-law, Hamilton, for spending three weeks as our guest and eating only vegan meals in our home (except for some Chinese food he bought). I offered to buy and cook him whatever he wanted, but he said he wanted to see and taste for himself what makes his son look so darn good (he really meant "better," but didn’t say it). I prepared especially rich meals as I knew what he was accustomed to, he never once made a face or complained, and he asked loads of questions.

Next, we were dining at the gorgeous home of a girlfriend, and she, her husband and her three unspeakably handsome kids asked us dozens of questions about what we eat, as they observed us being very careful and asking questions about what was being served. We had exactly one dinner with them, one week later, and my girlfriend and her daughter stopped eating animals on the spot. One of her sons is transitioning, the other never will from what I can tell, and the husband is on his way. (He’s busy looking for pizza alternatives. It’s always the damn pizza.)

Here’s the question: the daughter goes to college in Baltimore and needs some local help. Anybody have any? Yes, I’m going to search around myself, but I figured if anyone knew a vegan group or happened to live in Baltimore and had college-age kids, that would give me a head start.

Finally, you may have seen what Gary Francione wrote about Ellen and Iggy, then Ellen (and others) and the saying of one thing and doing of another.  I wrote about her a while back regarding her American Express commercial, and wrote her a letter, and from what I know of her she really does care. She just hasn’t heard the message in a way that makes sense to her.

There I was yesterday morning, ironing the sheets to the guest suite and preparing for the next set of guests (my mother and my sister–at the same time–heaven help me), while watching Ellen. And, as Gary referred to in his post, she mentions what she eats and the fact that what she eats is on her website, as evidently people are interested in what she eats. I can’t imagine a more perfect time to write to her and make some connections that she doesn’t appear to be making. In a kind, compassionate manner, of course. She even has a post about her lunch, and if you’d like to comment my only suggestion is, once again, to be over-the-top nice, crystal clear, and draw connections as if you’re explaining them to an alien. Remember, she means well. And if she doesn’t, treat her as if she does. No one responds positively to personal attacks and venom. All that does is close their ears and their minds. We have a valid point with regards to the love of animals she speaks of so frequently, and if we explain that simply and kindly, she just might get it. E-mailing her is also a good idea, as though I bet it’s somebody’s job to read the comments, it’s probably not her job. The more places the message is, the greater the odds she’ll see it.

Oh, and that’s Charles’ nail/claw. He was sprinting this weekend, as he does every weekend at a location I shall not disclose, and he runs so fast you can hardly see him. He cut a couple of turns a bit too close while racing his friend Bonnie the Greyhound and was limping around leaving a spot of blood everywhere he stepped. His nail was hanging off and his quick was just dangling in the breeze. My poor boy. I had to tear off the nail, which was barely attached, and of course he’s just fine. This happened once before and it was a $200 trip to the vet because I was too wimpy to tear off the nail and didn’t know the technique. Now I know better.

I have meetings all day so I’ll only be available sporadically to moderate. I’ll eventually get to everything, though. I thank you for your support and kind words, as usual.

And have a happy and safe Halloween. We’ve got squalls to look forward to all day and night from Tropical Storm Noel, so the kids are sure to have a scary evening.

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  1. Erica #

    That's so great about your friend and her family making the transition! COK just recently launched Veg Baltimore (, which lists tons of food options in Baltimore and surrounding areas. As for groups, it looks like there's a sidebar for local events and such, and the Resources tab has some info as well.

    I can personally attest to the fact that Great Sage, maybe a 30-minute drive from Baltimore, is well worth the trip. The vegan hot fudge lava cake a la mode will help ensure she never looks back!

    October 31, 2007
  2. the bunny #

    Let me first commend you for inspiring and influencing two (not just one, and maybe three!) people to abstain from consuming animals. That's so wonderful. The way I see it (or maybe I just hope it), for every person that is influenced to become vegan, that person in turn will influence thus more people (like a lovely vegan domino effect). I laughed out loud at your comment "it's always the damn pizza." So true. That was one of the last things I cut out of my diet before I went fully vegan (Sept. 2006).

    By the way, after reading another one of your wonderful blogs, I clicked the link to check out Ellen's lunch today. She's eating a salad and a veggie burger! (Granted she topped the burger with cheese.) But this is a step in the right direction, no? As "the bunny," I did try to write a positive post (something rather difficult for me sometimes, but I'm trying every day. Sort of.). I think the key to to changing her dietary habits is through her personal chef. So I suggested that maybe Ellen might encourage him/her to try out some vegan recipes (and I listed some vegan cookbooks). I would have emailed her, too, but it required that I give up my phone number (not something I'm willing to do).

    I'm not sure if this is the place to say this (please forgive me if it is not), but I discovered your blog while reading up about the abolitionist movement online, which I just hit upon by accident about two or three weeks ago. I never knew there was a movement out there that aligned itself to beliefs about animals that I has already started to form on my own. I read Lee Hall's book at the beginning of this year, and that set the wheels in my head turning, but I hadn't read anything else with similar ideas until I happened upon reading about abolitionists. I appreciate your web site, and will try to get the word out about how wonderful it is. Keep up the great work! Thanks for the blog and for all you do for the animals!

    October 31, 2007

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