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Yet More Good News for Project Treadstone

This one's more like Good News for Mary Martin.

I received a call yesterday from a woman who started a coalition for homeless cats. She said her Trapper Man could go to the Project Treadstone site–last night and this morning–and trap up to 10 cats that she would bring to Pahokee. Pahokee will keep them overnight after their surgeries, then they will be returned to their colony.

It just so happens that her Trapper Man is also mine, and she's been trying to get this organization's 501(c)3 moving along for a couple of months and has no funding. However, she does have people who can help, and now that Pahokee's open they will focus some time each week on Project Treadstone!

Regarding Adam's comment yesterday about low-cost spay/neuter, the reason this particular one is low-cost is that it is subsidized by the county and city (and maybe State, I'm not sure). They have this particular package in rural and urban low-income areas and will allow people to bring ferals from not-so-low-income areas because they're providing a much-needed service to the community.

This week Project Treadstone is the only colony being serviced, but next week or the week after that might not be true so I have to come up with an identification system, and then meet Trapper Man at the site for the releases so I can get pictures. His traps are numbered and have his name on them so it might be as simple as logging them by basic description and number of the trap.

The woman from the coalition knows and respects the vets at Pahokee, which of course isn't as good as my own vet being on the case, but I'm sure it'll all work out fine. She has brought over a dozen cats there in just two weeks, 11 of whom were pregnant. Can you imagine? Eleven times even one adds to the problem!

Of course I still have to come up with the money to pay for the surgeries, vaccinations and microchips, but I've done well with that so far so I assume my luck will continue.

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