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Lee Hall on Egg Addling

I asked Lee Hall, Legal Director for Friends of Animals and author of Capers in the Churchyard: Animal Rights Advocacy in the Age of Terror, to respond to On the “Eradication” of the European Mute Swan, and to specifically speak…

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Great Horses “Act Like They Belong”

In Year Later, Barbaro’s Doctor Looks Back, and Moves On, by Jere Longman in today’s New York Times, Dr. Dean W. Richardson reflects on the Barbaro Days. He wouldn’t do anything different, he isn’t embarrassed by anything that occurred, but…

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On the “Eradication” of the European Mute Swan

NPR’s John Nielsen’s Scientists Prowl to Destroy Mute Swan Eggs raises a Gray Matter for me, and I’m probably going to get a mailbox full of negative comments, but here goes . . . European mute swans (Cygnus olor) were…

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On Frozen Penises and Classified Ads

The Iditarod (Idiotarod/Ihurtadog) and the Yukon Quest are over for this year, but Terry Cumming, who took the photos I posted (More Yukon Quest Photos), wrote a comment that had some new (to me) information I’d like to share. Terry…

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