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The Animal Person Minute: On Online Forums

Our photo today is, once again, of Violet Rays, and the difference is that today, the photo’s a good one. After about 300 tries I think I finally have a photo I can include in my brochure entitled, “Thinking Critically…

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NYT on Dog Food Research

Check out “They Eat What We Are,” by Frederick Kaufman in the Times Magazine, who is disturbed by the research on dogs that he witnesses, but is quickly comforted knowing that other dogs might some day be helped. The final…

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On “Are You Just a PETA Nut?”

Once in a great while, an individual who leaves a less-than-charitable, yet not deletable comment (because it doesn’t have expletives, has somewhat decent sentence structure, and isn’t pure rant), also leaves a website and e-mail address that are legitimate. In…

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Gary Francione on The O’Reilly Radio Factor

I found listening to Professor Gary Francione’s interview by Michael Smerconish on Bill O-Reilly’s Radio Factor annoying. And the origin of my annoyance was the callers to the radio program. Now, this was an O’Reilly audience, so that accounts for…

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On Cashing In On Michael Vick

As you know, the ASPCA has Michael Vick’s dogs and they are being evaluated by experts in such things and the hope is that some may be able to be “re-homed” (a word which is linguistically odd in that re-…

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