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Posts from the ‘Film’ Category

On “Fat” and Veganism

A handful of people have commented about their weight, saying they are vegans–and not junk food vegans–and they are not thin. I have mentioned my “skinny fat” friends who are thin, regardless of what they eat, and don’t exercise and…

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On Errol Morris and Animals

I’ve been watching Errol Morris documentaries (/nonfiction films). On my computer, either late at night or hours before the sun rises, in the past week I’ve seen: “Vernon, Florida,” “Standard Operating Procedure,” and “Fast, Cheap, & Out of Control.” All…

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On “Blinders” and Animal Rights (Really)

There are two upcoming screenings in New York of “Blinders,” a documentary about the horse-drawn carriage industry: BROOKLYN, NY October 29, 6:00 p.m. Brooklyn Law School 250 Joralemon St. Free and open to the public – bring photo ID NEW…

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