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Chris from Beijing is Finally Blogging!

Christopher Barden, an American vegan living in Beijing, and whom I mention frequently, has started his own blog/"Notes on Life"!

Chris is a bit of a geek, and I say that with great warmth and admiration, and he's always trying to figure things out technically and technologically. For instance, he is figuring out a way to "deliver advertisements for rescued animals seeking adopters and fosters." Earlier this year he'd send snapshots of various vegan sites that use Google's AdSense to the people who run the sites to illustrate their well-intentioned message was flanked by fur ads or other such undesirable.

These days, most people are onto that and many have chosen not to use AdSense. However, I have recently noticed that several vegans who write for have animal-exploitation based ads on the same page as their vegan education. That must be very frustrating, as it's not as if the vegans have made that decision.

I like that his left column includes "ads for good things," including the Vegan Advertising Agency: Creative Services for Sentient Beings (which he started and wrote about here) and upcoming events.

Visit Chris, and make sure to stop by "A Goose on an Evening Stroll in Beijing," which is adorable, and read the story of "Bob the Dog," whose story teaches an important lesson.

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