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1001 Journals-Rescue Dogs

Check out the Facebook page for 1001 Journals–Rescue Dogs.

This is from Kate Merriman:

"I would LOVE your contribution to this traveling journal.  Don't worry if your first response is "but I'm not an artist" (I know some of you may be thinking that) – you can contribute a poem, some collage, stickers, journal entries, a drawing…".

Here's the page for the project on the 1001 Journals site.

Here's the process:
1 – Register with
2 – Once you've registered with them, go to and click on "Get In Line".
3 – Kate will email the first/next person in line and ask for their snail mail address.
4 – Kate will mail the journal to them.
5 – That person will keep it for up to 3 weeks and add his or her content (up to 4 pages).
– Subject matter can be anything about rescue dogs / humane treatment
of animals and you can use any medium. The only other request is that
you refrain from deliberately harming any prior contributor's work.
7 – Kate will make sure that each person in the chain has the next person's snail mail address.
– When the journal is completed (it's 100 pages, so that means it will
hold work of 25 artists at least if everyone sticks to a max of 4
pages), it should be returned to Kate.
9 – Kate will send it to the
"1000 Journals" main office and they will do a HIGH RESOLUTION scan of
all of our pages and we will become a part of the larger project and
have our work available for all to see online. Pretty cool!!

I love this idea, although I haven't printed a photo in over a year so I have to figure that out first. I'm getting in line!

FYI: When you register, the answer to the question in the form of numbers should be in numbers. Pretty sure most of you would have done that. Here's what I did: What is 5 + 5? Ten (wrong answer).

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  1. Don't worry if your first response is "but I'm not an artist"


    Seriously, tho, would it be cheating to create and print digital artwork? I rarely pass up a chance to talk about my dog-kids!

    July 28, 2009

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