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Attn: Anyone Who Knows Anyone in New Hampshire

If there’s any issue that has a chance of being tackled by the legislative process it’s greyhound racing, which I personally am committed to ending in the United States in my lifetime. (The UK, Australia, and some very-disturbed people in Spain who race the greyhound’s cousin, the galgo, are all keeping this cruel "sport" alive outside the US, though.)

The Dog Protection Act has been filed in New Hampshire, which will amend the state animal cruelty statute to phase out commercial dog racing over several years. No, that’s not good enough, as I want them to stop racing dogs like yesterday. And believe me, if everyone stopped going to the races today, it would take a lot less time to close the tracks. But I digress.

Go to, whether or not you live in New Hampshire or know anybody who does, and watch the slideshow and read the many complaints filed against the Hinsdale Greyhound Park. You can also read about the 700 dogs in the past two years who were injured while racing in New Hampshire.

Despite the fact that I’m an abolitionist and I don’t think dogs should be forced to race ever, the way to end this particular madness is by educating people about the cruelty of racing and the hideous way these magnificent dogs are being treated. I find that people either think it’s okay to race dogs or they don’t and the latter would never support racing. But I also find that the former–the people who think it’s okay–usually aren’t educated about what’s involved, and when you do educate them, they easily decide for themselves that they’ll stop supporting the industry.

For me, that’s good news in a world of bad news for animals. Go to GREY2K USA for more, and while you’re there, make a donation.Dogsmonbeach2jpg

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