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Check Out Pigs Peace

First of all, never trust a storm track forecast. Lucky we did some last minute preparation in case we got pounded. Fay turned a bit and the eye isn’t far from me and we’ve been getting the brunt of the storm for a good 12 hours, and now there’s tornadic activity so we’re preparing the safe room (can you say closet surrounded by cement?), as a town west of here was devastated by tornadoes early this morning and there’s been a record number of tornado warnings this morning.

Just got power back and who knows how long that’ll last, so here’s a great story from Bea, about a vegan who started a sanctuary for pot-bellied pigs in Washington. "Judy Woods Gives Pigs a Place to Call Their Own" tells of how Woods sort of accidentally started collecting pigs until, 14 years later, she had 190, all living on 34 acres at Pigs Peace. She also does vegan education and cares for 20 or so feral cats and some dogs.

Check out Pigs Peace and the stories of the residents. And send along anyone in your circle of influence who’s thinking about a pig as a pet.

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