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Glenn Beck on Al Gore

Glenn Beck, love ‘im or hate ‘im, took on the topic of Al Gore’s meat-eating ways in a rant that was accompanied by some powerful images toward its end of meat-eating-environmentalist-celebrity-types. He invited Matt Prescott of PETA to join him, and though Beck clearly is wanting in the compassion department, at least he went on national television to discuss his "meat footprint."

PETA and Animal Person have ranked on Gore for his hypocrisy, but that’s easy, as we’re already on the side of ending meat-eating (or at least I am). And we’ve been addressing the connection between diet and global warming for a year. But for someone like Beck, who reaches millions (and those millions will never agree with PETA or me about anything) to be able to recognize dishonesty–and admit to his own culpability regarding global warming–is a good sign. Perhaps outting the hypocrisy of so-called environmentalists will embarrass them into changing their climate-changing ways.

Whatever works.

Help the environment, the animals, your health, and your karma. Stop eating meat.

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  1. John from Maine #

    I am not that good at computers yet.I dont know what url is.One thing I know is that When I googled Boycott China I got This site,and I'm thinking that with the recent Pet food poisoning Being related to our government selling our Pets ,and our health down the road to China, or (so called free trade in general). I've decided that this is not a Dem. Rep. issue this is a case of the obvious greed of this Chirade in Washington Dancing around in Our Pockets to Line Theres.It is a form of appeasement.Hoping that they can enjoy being rich,and the Monsters of the World will eat them last! I want to set up a Web site and get the ball rolling against this horrible idea of letting other countries provide food and soon the majority of our food,just to make some heartless people rich. I think that with this recent pet poisoning from Menu foods ,that this is the right time to raise the awareness that this very well could have been ( if it already isn't) wheat used in our childrens cereal. What the Fat Cats don't Understand is that if this happened to 20 Elderly people.No one would wake up ,But when you mess with someones pet they have really screwed up Big Time ! You see People these Days Care more about their Pets than some Members of their own family.So I urge Every one to Pass on the Passion, they have to Protect their pets,and Children and start writing and wake up the People of this Country.The best way to send this message is, that however little bit you think it will matter Boycott Food or any Chinese Product,You may not think it will matter it will when enough people Wake Up!

    March 24, 2007

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