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Hoax, Not a Hoax

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit in 1988 that was a game show called "Jew, Not a Jew?" Well, now we have "Hoax, Not a Hoax," starring a bunch of beagles and yours truly.

Though beagles are often used in research, and there is in fact a hoax about rescuing beagles from a closing research facility, I just received word that this particular situation was in fact real (it did come from a reputable list so I was shocked when I heard it wasn’t true), and that the dogs have found homes.

"[T]he beagles have been taken care of and nope it wasn’t a hoax but folks in the states stepped up and took care of all these lost souls."

Everyone involved to this point has been very annoyed about this, and I apologize (again) for any confusion. I usually make some simple calls or send some e-mails before I post something like the original plea, and I should have done that and headed this thing off at the pass before it snowballed.

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  1. What's strange about all this is that ALZA says that the beagles will be relocated to another facility.

    October 11, 2007
  2. I did see that (I think Emily posted it earlier, too), but my source is a woman close to the person involved. I'd imagine she's fielding calls and e-mails about this particular aspect, so I might not get an immediate response, but I will ask today.


    October 11, 2007

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