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Kofa Mountain Lion Update

Though I wrote about the mountain lions of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge a couple of times, it was never with the breadth and depth that Deb Durant of Invisible Voices has. She posted an important update that those of you who participated in the commenting period (regarding the killing of the Kofa lions) may know something about. Deb and I have both relied on Retired Wildlife Biologist Ron Kearns as our expert, and he has a lot to say about the situation, including a recommendation for those interested in commenting on the Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA): No Action Alternative A (which Ron adds in the comments section of the post). Though many of us commented in the original scoping period that killing the lions isn't acceptable at all, Ron suggests we "[s]imply stipulate—in [our] own words—that if the Service refuses to consider public comment- based Alternatives that prevent all GPS-collaring that could lead to lion killings, that [we]—without much choice except through possible litigation—support Alternative A: No Action Alternative."

This is a surreal situation in my opinion because, as Ron writes, "all 3 Alternatives in the DEA allow for the killing of Kofa lions, just at different rates and at different geographic locations."

I'm always fascinated by the procedure for determining what the public wants and then what actually occurs as a result.

Check it out!

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  1. Ron Kearns #


    I appreciated your posting of the Kofa NWR lion DEA information. There are many conservation NGOs commenting on the draft and it will help the FWS to hear the animal rights’ community perspectives. Some commenters are suggesting a revised alternative that mountain lions will not be shot until the bighorn population drops below 300 sheep, a number that falls within the historic population estimates before the 1980s. Most people outside the hunting community are upset with the way the NEPA process has been handled thus far by targeting lions to allow hunters to continue their harvests of bighorn sheep.

    I will keep you apprised of any updates.

    Thank you again,
    Ron Kearns

    August 31, 2009
  2. Mike Grieco #

    This can be compared to killing wolves so hunters can have moose to kill (sorry, I meant to say "harvest").

    As if it would be a real shame to have lions(or anyone else) around and not be able to kill them.

    Let them be!

    September 1, 2009
  3. Ron Kearns #

    Mike Grieco,

    You are right about the wolves. Here is a related story regarding wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana.

    Judge Molloy could allow hunts to proceed or stop them despite the on-going sale of tags-

    For all of the latest and in-depth wildlife-related information, Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News is the best. The site is replete with articles regarding livestock community/industry conflicts with wildlife while cattle graze on our public lands at nominal fees.

    September 1, 2009
  4. Mary #

    Please go to Invisible Voices for the most recent news–"Another Kofa Lion Killed-Guilty of Eating" at

    September 4, 2009

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