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On Animal Abuse Registries and Anthropolatry

This morning I posted "On California's Animal Abuse Registry Proposal" over at Animal Rights & AntiOppression and welcome any discussion about it. I should be able to watch the press conference about the bill this afternoon if a conference call doesn't take too long, and I'll update if there's anything new and exciting.

Also, I couldn't resist mentioning a word that was new to me until today, and it's surprising that it's new given what is is:

Anthropolatry: The productive suffix -latry (from Greek, meaning "worship") clues us up that this is a form of worship, and the anthropo- part means "humankind," as it does in many related words. The outcome: "worship of human beings." You don't hear much about it as a religious practice but it's probably what aliens would conclude about us after a stroll past department store windows!

What a fitting addition to discussions about speciesism!

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