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On “Animal Rights Conferences”

"Two Animal Rights Conferences: Will you be there?" by Drew Wilson at Care2's animal welfare blog has yet to have any comments about rights and welfare. I don't know how big the readership of that blog is, but it is international if that matters.

The post itself doesn't actually intentionally differentiate between the terms, but does align TAFA with reform and AR with rights (and then mentions Vegan Outreach).

If it matters to you to clear any of this up, fire away.

I haven't been to either conference, so I can say nothing from personal experience.

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  1. Dan #

    I would, but I already completed a tour of duty over at Care2 on the last topic on The Vegan Solution you mentioned there, Mary. It's somebody else's turn now. I'm very busy this time of year.

    March 28, 2009

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