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Should I Help Promote Greyhound Racing?

I received this flyer from a Greyhound adoption group, to enter photos of my dogs in a contest at the track. Now, adoption groups would jeopardize their nonprofit status, as well as their relationship with the track, if they came down on racing. I get that. They are never to blame and are simply passing a message along.

Let’s say I submit my photos, and pass on going to the actual event. By doing that, I contribute to creating a feeling that all is swell, and the dogs go from their glamorous racing careers to fabulous homes. I am helping the track and the industry in their public relations/damage control campaign. I would be helping to create an image that is a lie.

I’m happy to submit my photos, however, if they submit some of theirs and make a montage for the audience. After all, the event will be telecast nationally, and could make for a stunning visual. Perhaps "Go Speed Racer" could be the background music as we see:

  • My magnificent (diabetic from injectable steroids, was blind in both eyes, now in just one) red brindle, Violet Rays, racing across my backyard with her favorite stuffed octopus in her mouth
  • A younger red brindle, being injected with steroids
  • My spectacular red fawn, Charles, sleeping soundly on one of his five beds
  • A younger red fawn, spending his 21st of 22 hours each day, summer and winter, in a kennel
  • Violet Rays and Charles walking with their Greyhound friends, Ivy and TK
  • One of the over 50 dogs per year (just in Florida) who break their legs while training or racing and are discarded because veterinary treatment is not something the owners are interested in paying for. Some don’t even get dumped in the middle of the night at an adoption facility, and instead languish, starving and in agony, in their own feces and bug-infested, in a kennel somewhere.
  • And a pile of some of the 5,000 dogs per year (conservatively) who are killed because they aren’t up to snuff.

Yeah, if they do that montage, I’ll add my photos.

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