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"A Life Connected," Part 1

Part 2

I particularly liked the part about how 95% of Americans feel it is wrong to unnecessarily hurt and kill helpless animals, while 95% of Americans continue to unnecessarily hurt and kill helpless animals so they can eat them. Go to A Life Connected, which is a project of Nonviolence United, where you can find a Nonviolence Guide. There’s also a brochure for A Life Connected which is gorgeous and has some beautiful photos.

Next, Joey of Animal Emancipation (/The Starting Point) created a trifold brochure promoting veganism
that is in English on one side and French on the other and has a haunting photo of a cow. It addresses "Being used like an animal," the belief that animals aren’t ours to use, the reality that welfare is not a commitment to ending animal exploitation, and of course the ways individuals can promote change.

Gary Francione also has a trifold brochure called Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach, also available in German (click here for that one), which I’m sure you already know about. But just in case . . .

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