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Vegan Halloween Candy & That Darn Pamphlet

Tricia reminded me that Halloween is this week. I guess because I am child-free I don’t tend to think about holidays for kids. Check out this list of vegan candy if you haven’t yet bought your tasty morsels.

On some kind of morning show I saw a segment about alternatives to candy, and funky fun pencils and stickers were suggested. They have the added bonus of not making you fat if it rains and no one shows up (that happened here last year: the Halloween Monsoon).

I’m going to sit in my front courtyard and watch a movie on my laptop so my poor dogs aren’t tormented by the constant ringing of the bell and the running to the door every five minutes.

I’m posting the link to Part II of my Rethos series (a.k.a., the text of the pamphlet) later today. I’m hoping that the code issue is resolved and it won’t be randomly bold or otherwise difficult to read. The topic is experimenting on animals. I’m already at six pages total, so religion is going to have to wait (yeah, for my religion pamphlet–no chance). The What Can You Do (or What You Can Do) page is sort of filling up faster than expected. On the final page are resources, though there are currently exactly zero listed so far, and in fact I might not have one. Also, there’s a blurb on me, as you ought to know who I am and that I have never been paid one penny by any person or organization mentioned in the pamphlet. What do I personally have to gain?  The warm, fuzzy feeling of helping people think through something very important to their individual lives as well as the lives of the hundreds of animals they might impact. Then of course, there’s little ol’ Planet Earth.

That’s it. I hope someone finds it helpful.

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